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Hey Jackson,

Geetha and I wanted to tell you how happy we are with our little girl Brie. It has been a little over a year since we welcomed Brie into our home and we couldn't imagine our family without her. She is such a ball of energy and love! She is great with all sizes of dogs and with our 5 year old son as well. You were also so amazing; very knowledgeable and quick to respond when we had any questions, You made the experience of getting our girl easy and painless. We are looking to get another frenchie and wouldn't dream of looking anywhere else. Thank you so much for blessing us with Brie!!!

Adam & Rose


Hi Jackson  

We just wanted to let you know how completely thrilled we are with Yoda.  Our kids were so excited-they cried & so did I!  He was awesome last night.  Not a peep out of him until my alarm went off this morning, which it's set to a dog bark tone.  That sparked him off & he let out a couple of barks.  So precious!  We just got home from the vet & he is so healthy, perfect little gentleman.  He weighed 7.8 lbs.  The vet said he was adorable- great choice for us.  Thank you so much!  It's been a long time coming for us to make the leap & buy another dog.  We all are very happy & so thrilled we came to you.  To say the least, he was the talk of town at the vet's office!  I'll send some pictures to you when I get them loaded on my laptop.  

Thanks again!  

Becky Jones 


Jackson and his son  were great to work with during the process of getting our little guy. He was always easy to contact & willing to answer any questions we had. I felt our puppy was coming from a home that provided him with a lot of love and care from the get go. I was very impressed how clean Jackson kept the puppy's and where they were kept. Our little guy Hank is now a year old has been a joyful addition to our life. I couldn't have asked for a better pick to match our family. Jackson did a great job helping us decide which puppy would be best for us. He is always there if we need him as we have stayed in touch. I feel very comfortable  contacting him anytime with questions. I couldn't have been more satisfied with the whole process. If we ever get a 2nd we will certainly get in touch with Jackson again.

Amy Lawson


Hello Jackson ,

Just wanted you to let you know Stan is absolutely amazing and we love him so much. He is really sweet & affectionate. He wants to be with Zack or myself all the time and if not he cries for us. He pretty much gets Constance attention. The vet says he is a great French Bulldog and in excellent condition. I just wanted to tell you we couldn't be happier with him. He's healthy and well loved. Thank you so much for making our adoption with Stan so easy. 

Linda & David McCathy


Hi  Jackson
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience we had meeting you & your puppies. Boss is awesome, my boys fell in love with him right away. Your puppies are so social and alert it was hard to choose Bentley but I agree with your suggestion that he is the best fit for our family. My boys can't stop talking about Bentley and we are very happy and  excited to bring him home soon.I also wanted to thank you for being so responsive to my emails and calls, sending me Bentley's pictures weekly and being open to us coming by to visit Bentley. The boys are having trouble waiting until he is old enough to go home so visit's definitely helped.We have fallen in love with your Frenchies and hopefully we will have an opportunity to bring another one of your puppies into our family in the future.
Johnson Peterson & family


We have been looking for a blue Frenchie for months before we found Jackson. He was so sweet, very honest, and very easy to purchase from. The day the puppies were born he notified us. We received tons of pictures and videos of the puppies before we picked our final puppy out. We are so in love with the puppy we picked...shes perfect! Perfect personality and she's the perfect shade of blue that we were looking for in a Frenchie. When we bring the puppy out we get tons of compliments on how adorable she is. I still communicate with Jackson and send him pics of our pup as she grows and will continue to do so. Thank you Sly for such a good quality pup!!

Jen  McCathy

Very Satisfied!


After much searching we managed  to find Jackson  and his Frenchies. It was a quick drive and Jackson was very friendly and knowledgeable. I am extremely pleased with my purchase & process and most importantly with our healthy, happy  and very comical Chico. I would definitely do it again.

My husband and I bought a frenchie right after Christmas from Jackson. He is the most wonderful healthy happy adorable puppy! This is our second French bulldog and they are truly the best dogs out there, so full of personality. Jackson was wonderful from the beginning. He contacted me the day the puppies were born and sent pictures frequently, with updates on how they were doing. Our puppy is very healthy and we couldn't be happier with our decision to buy her from Jackson. For anyone out there considering a frenchie, I highly recommend Jackson !!! thanks again for our baby Bella :)

Ramirez J.

I love my pup


I was looking for a frenchie as a Christmas present to my honey. After searching the internet, I realized how many scams there were of people posing to be a reputable breeder. After getting in contact with Jackson , he assured me he was a reputable breeder and even invited me into his home to see the puppies for myself. After meeting with him I realized that he is one of the few people who has a genuine love for animals. He was knowledgeable about the breed and care and answered all my questions. He would even follow-up with me via text to tell me how my pup was doing. He is the epitome of a reputable breeder and I would recommend anyone that is looking for the perfect Frenchie, to go through him. His love for these animals is exceptional and he even sent home our pup with his own care package. Thank you Jackson  for your time and adding a new companion to my family!!!



Happy dog owner

As a previous owner I had recently lost my previous frenchie and was gonna look for my perfect match. I must have looked through hundreds of frenchies. Till I did find one I was extremely interested in but come to find out someone else was too and beat me to the punch. Jackson  told me about a new litter he just had and that he did have one little girl. I reluctantly said OK I'll come see.... I can not say enough how happy I was the second I saw this precious little girl. She crawled her little chunky butt right over to me and fell asleep. I was instantly in love.  let me visit as often as I wanted while he came to be age to take home.  was very easy to work with and made everything so easy. I recommend everyone I can to him. My little girl name is Animal but we like to call her Annie for short. She is wonderful and has such a personality that everyone she meets falls in love.  She so smart and she is my world!!!

Andrex S


We are very pleased with our new addition to our family, our new bulldog Wrigley!
After much research and inquiry of bulldog breeders we decided to reach out to  Jackson . All questions, concerns and additional information about the breed was provided, thoroughly and timely. After speaking with Jackson, it became clear that he was the way to go! We have had Wrigley now for 4 months and we couldn’t be happier. Wrigley is a very happy and extremely friendly bulldog. He greats us every morning with snorts and kisses! He loves meeting new dogs and grabbing the attention of others when out on walks. Wrigley loves to be active and is admired by everyone who meets him.We cannot count the amount of times we have gotten compliments on Wrigley about how beautiful he is and their inquiry about where we got him. Thank you again Jackson. We could not be more pleased!
We highly recommend Jackson to those of you who are looking!
Marc and Kathryn


Hi Jackson !!

Tita is and is doing absolutely amazing! He’s so full of energy, loves running around and being outside, he loves his walks around the neighborhood and is just such a lover 🙂 We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Frenchie. He is everything we wanted and more!!! Tita is already fully potty trained and is such a good boy. He’s been everywhere with us this summer! We took a trip to Idaho to visit my family, he’s been to the beach, the park, everywhere we go. He’s a spoiled boy 🙂 Tita is growing by the day! His murmur hasn’t stopped him one bit, he is a healthy strong boy! Kris and I will keep you up to date. Thank you so much for Tita! He has been such a joy to have in our lives! We love him so much 🙂 He is perfect!

-Crystal and Kris


Good Morning, 

We are so pleased with Suzi Q.  She is a really great little girl and has put allot of sunshine in our lives.  Our move has not proven to be a good one yet but Suzi sure has made it allot better.  If Sabrina's price should come down please let us know.  We would like a companion for Suzi.  We love Frenchies, so if you should have one in Suzi's price range that would be great.  We couldn't be happier with our first purchase and if it weren't for my sister, we wouldn't have known about you.  She purchased her cream Frenchie from you and is extremely happy with her.  Please keep us in mind should another little charm need a really great home.  

PS:  Suzi arrived to us last Saturday,


Ricky & Ramon


My husband and I looked for a frenchie for months until we found Jackson 's website. Upon making contact with him, I immediately trusted him to match us up with the perfect puppy. He knew that we preferred a honey pied or cream colored frenchie and worked with us to get our perfect little girl. When you visit him in his home, you can see the love he has for his frenchies (and the puppies all love him so much in return). Being my first puppy, I was incredibly nervous but Jackson  gave us great instructions for handling the first few days at home and he followed up constantly to make sure both we and our baby girl were happy. He also completed all of our paperwork prior to our arrival and sent us home well prepared. It's been 6 months since we brought home our little girl and we are so in love with her. I won't trust anyone other than Abram for our future puppies.  Quotes

Sandra M.

Satisfied First Time Frenchie Mom


I just want to thank Jackson and Cindy SO much for giving us the opportunity to take home our precious blue pied boy Henry home!! Jackson  brought into our lives the most beautiful and playful boy with the most awesome temperament I've ever seen! The last 1.5 months that we have had Henry has been a dream come true. He brings so much happiness to our lives we couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog to start our family :) From day Jackson  and Cindy have been professional and so welcoming we never once felt like strangers in their home when visiting all the pups. Their hospitality along with their high quality dog breeding is top notch and I could not recommend them more if you are looking to add one of these amazing little guys to your family. Thank you both SO much for the most perfect "little person in a fur coat". You have truly made our lives complete. Looking forward to the summer BBQs and all that you have planned for these amazing frenchies in the future!! ....

Jason & Mel


I found Jackson 's listing after doing my own due diligence with other breeders. He is the only breeder who I feel truly cares about the puppies and wants to ensure they have a good home. After putting a deposit down he let me come visit him whenever I wanted. He would always text me if I had a question or wanted a new video or picture. My little girl will turn 5 months this soon and I can't imagine being without her. She has such a unique personality and I will contact Jackson if I have a future need fore more fur babies:)  Quotes


Bentley's Mom


I have to tell you, I was not expecting the puppy to be as sweet and as small as he is! We named him Sully. He has the most wonderful disposition I have ever seen in a puppy. He is fearless, already playing with my 70 pound chocolate lab and ruling (or at least trying to) over the cats. He loves to play with people and loves attention and snuggling. He is turning out to be a big time lap dog, wanting to be on my lap rather then playing :-) I am very pleased with the puppy and with your service. Thank you!

Tony & Sasha


I wanted to give you guys a little update on Puck.  He is doing great!  He just got the last of his puppy shots and is growing like crazy!  I had to go away on business for a week so he stayed with my mother.  I swear he doubled his size in a week!! (not really though)  He is 13 pounds right now and everyone at the vet loves him and tells me he is the best looking pup they’ve seen.  We have to stop for people to pet him on almost every walk!  I think he is starting to realise how good looking he is haha!  Also, he is a very smart boy (when he wants to be…haha).  He will sit, stay, lay down for us on command.  But he is also a little devil at times, getting into areas he knows he is not allowed.  He has such a great personality!   Anyway, here are a few pics.  He is still on the smaller side here and has grown since, but I don’t have many pics recently.  Thanks again for all your help with my first Frenchie!

- Denise and Julie


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